Simple Frame with Barnwood Mirror

Sep 8th
Rustic Barnwood Mirror
Rustic Barnwood Mirror

Installing a barnwood mirror frame resembles hanging framed art. However, since the mirror is more likely to be handled, the mirrors usually require safer installation than an art piece of the same weight. For safe mounting, the weight of the mirror is spread over several points on the frame. Because the walls of contemporary homes are built with leaf rock that easily breaks with sufficient side pressure, plaster anchors are used to hang especially heavy mirrors. These precautions can also prevent damage from a broken lighter weight mirror.

Mark the wall with a chalk pen where you intend to place in the center of the mirror. Transfer the measured distance from the top of the barnwood mirror to the top points of the installed image thread. Mark the wall to this distance, under the first mark. Mark the wall two inches to each side of the lower mark. Hanging screws will be installed through these marks.

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Drill holes through each mark. If something meets a wall rule, stop drilling. The wood screw can be installed without a wall anchor. To install the winged anchor, wings the anchor together, then forward them through the hole in the wall. Press the anchor firmly against the wall. If necessary, gently tap the anchor with a hammer until it is equal to the wall. Screw the wood screw into anchor, using a drill and drive a bit. Stop turning the screws when they shoot about a quarter inch from the wall. Lift the barnwood mirror through the top of the image thread with both hands. Hang on the picture thread on the heads of the wood screws.

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