Building Rustic Wood Shutters

Apr 12th
Unique Rustic Wood Shutters
Unique Rustic Wood Shutters

Rustic wood shutters – If you have wooden window frames and windowsills, you may feel frustrated if the wood gets dried, scratched or scratched. One solution is to repair the ugly windows by filling the scratches and sealing the wood. Even if you can hire a professional to repair wood windows, you can save money by repairing them yourself, using some basic and cheap materials from a hardware or home improvement store.


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Smooth a 1/4 inch thick layer of wood filler over the entire rustic wood shutters frame using a small garden spade. Scrape away the flak with the help of fluff as well, as this will push wood filler into the grooves and scratches, and remove it from areas where no kittens are needed. Allow wood filler to dry in place for eight to 12 hours.

Spread the bins across the rustic wood shutters using a sponge brush. Choose any color of stain wood you prefer, and apply it on a thin layer. Apply additional layers of stain if you want the color to appear more saturated. Allow woodwork to dry for eight to twelve hours. Apply a medium layer of clear coat over the entire wood window frame using a 2-inch flat brush. Choose shiny lacquer if you want the wood to look shiny, or choose matt if you want the wood to look more flat. As with the dirt and stain, allow the paint to dry for eight to twelve hours.

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